ZOG! - "ZOG save the Queen" (Year Zero Records YEAR041) 2017

France's finest exponents of the mysterious art of 'Freecore', channeling  music and electricity from the depths of the mulitverse through free improvisation, acting as a portal for a punk rock universal consciousness to communicate with its errant offspring. What we have sounds like a hybrid species of jazz fusion, punk rock, doom metal,Krautrock and the soundtrack to the 'Forbidden Panet' to form a nu-beast, full of energy = MusiC squared.
None of these tunes were rehearsed, and are totally improvised.With the absolute minimum of editing we present to your ZOG's second official album for your connection with that super massive pulsating brain hidden in the centre of this universe and beyond.

Christophe Medina on Drums
Nadine Aleman on Korg MS-10
Jonny Zchivago on Bass.

Track Listing:

1 make Zog Not War"
2 Zog and Sebastiene
3 The Wrath Of Zog
4 The Euphoria Of Drowning
5 The Zog Effect
6 The Kingdom Of Zog
7 The Pretty Songs Of Zog
8 The Theory Of Zog
9 Its Zogs Way Or The Highway
10 Zog Can Seriously Damage Your Health
11 Zog Not Zob.

DOWNLOAD ZOG to save our Queen HERE!


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Nihil Yung said...

Pure gold honestly.