Thee Outside - "Deaf Disco" (Year Zero Records YEAR002) 1997/2010
Did someone say Drum'n'Bass? This gives me the opportunity to plug this D'n'B ignored underground classic from 1997; re-released in 2010 on Year Zero records.Bizarre dark Drum'n'Bass stylings with a splash of Black Humour. Still sounds remarkably fresh, maybe because it isn't yer bog standard Drum'n'Bass format. Fused with Electronica,with a dash of Exotica,found sounds,noise samples, crossed with a drop of only the best in Elevator Muzak.You could even dance to this if you were so inclined and on drugs.Probably the most commercial record on Year Zero! Think Luke Vibert, Aphex Twin , Squarepusher and U-Ziq as musical references.  


1. Testcard (3:24)
2. Sectioned (4:58)
3. Empty Mind (5:48)
4. Intruder (5:33)
5. Instructions From God (6:33)
6. Its After The End Of The World (8:55)
7. The Grey Room (The Deaf Disco) (3:11)
8. Towers Open Fire! (14:36)
9. This is Your Saviour Calling (7:28)
10.In the Beginning (5:28)
11.Wormhole (3:53)
12.A Short Song About Death (9:54)  

DOWNLOAD a piece of thee outside HERE!

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