Scouts Of Uzbekistan - "Hate is Our religion" (YEAR039) 2016

At last, after 6 looooong years, we have the new album from Scouts of Uzbekistan!!!!?.....the long awaited follow up to "Fun Lovin Muslims" (YEAR001).
The trademark Scouts sound of improvised drums and Bass, combined with speech samples and Noise is very much still their raison d'etre.A kind of Post-Post rock? 
This time with an extended line-up.
Mark carolan drums and Guitar, J.Zchivago Bass, guitar, Noise and samples, Christophe Medina Drums and Percussion, and Nadine Aleman, Korg MS20.

Track Listing:

1  Nude tuesday (4:42)
2  E.T. Phone Homophobe (4:53)
3  The Perception Of Doors (12:11)
4  She Came From Lincoln (5:50)
5  Portable Slave Toilet 5:35)
6  Release the Kraken (8:56)
7  And So Cometh The Christ Android 6:00)
8  Five Reasons To Love Me 6:01)
9  Hansel and Zombie (4:38)
10 I Am The Alter-Destiny (5:54)

DOWNLOAD Hate as your religion HERE!



Judas Vigilante said...

Great to see someone like minded. Giving away great music for FREE. Amazing JZ.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Many thanks judas.....I believe everything should be FREE! It is possible.

pinkpressthreat said...

And it's a big thank you from me - ta Jonny. Playing this before I get out of bed haha :D

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hope it didn't make you wanna stay in bed forever!...or worse make you get out of bed!

Convivial Cannibal Clan said...

Fly on the wall. Pay no more than you have.

Convivial Cannibal Clan said...

Is this going to be the new Berlin Wall some day? Can I paint a big peace sign now on it with a pot leaf man? To you know preserve my spot in history and all? Huh Jonny huh?

Convivial Cannibal Clan said...

Also Judas is a sycophant. He cannot be trusted.