PHILIP JOHNSON - "Ellis is Poofyman" (Year Zero Records YEAR035) 2015

All together now...."I've Been farting On The Moon!"
I dunno how he does it, another sing-a-long classic from a world reflected in a fairground mirror from an underwater House of Fun. More synthetic spoken word phrases assembled and rearranged to reveal the true meaning of language. Backed up with all the abstract expressionism of a DIY de Kooning, before he had Alzheimers! You should know by now NOT to be disappointed by any Philip Johnson recordings,and this definitely is no exception.
Made in the much maligned 3" CD format.

DOWNLOAD ellis here you poofyman!

1 comment:

coffeepotman said...

insane atmosphere... slow descent into madness, the only flaw being the beat wasnt kept from the first track towards the end. really enjoyed the way he played with the words in the first track felt really insightful