Meat Kiosk - "The Ipcress Symphony" (Year Zero Records ZERO 019) 2012

DIY is stronger than ever thanks to the wonders of that Internet invention thingy.
So its time to feature the latest release from Die or DIY?'s favourite Netlabel, Year Zero Records.

Ever wondered what was on the rest of the tape found in the movie version of Len Deighton's "The IPCRESS File", starring Michael Caine? Well wonder no more, as Meat Kiosk painstakingly recreate/reimagine the full recording, presented here as "The IPCRESS Symphony"....
Think of an underwater version of Fripp and Eno meets Cluster and an iPad2 with a lysergic acid app, then you're getting close. Meat Kiosk are an International ( Franco-Anglo-Australian) collaborative project, performed over the Interweb.

Jonny Zchivago: Treated electric guitar, "prepared" iPod
wharf99: iOS gizmos, "unprepared" loops, Sphero

Track Listing:
Part One : "The Assimilation Process (16:17)
Part Two : "The Colour of Dreams" (20:56)
Part Three : "Resistance Through Pain" (20:40)

DOWNLOAD the meat from the kiosk HERE!

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wharf99 said...

Better late than not at all, ABC Radio National's "Sound Quality" will be broadcasting part of the IPCRESS Symphony on March 21: