Scouts Of Uzbekistan – " Fun Lovin’ Muslims " (Year Zero Records Year 001) 2010:

 (As featured on WMFU Radio)

The First year Zero Records release, Scouts of Uzbekistan are the core members of Mark Carolan and Jonny Zchivago(both from Leicester,UK), plus a floating co-operative of members too numerous to list here. Mark, formerly occupied the drum stools of Pete Bassman’s post spaceman 3 outfit, Alphastone and other Rugby(uk) scensters Uberfuzz, and here flexes more of his musical muscles than was exhibited in previous groups.
The music contained within the digital data stored on “Fun Lovin’ Muslims” is minimal avant rock, with a strong rhythmical presence of the excellent drumming of Mr Carolan.Starting with a tribute to the father of discord,by a version of Rhys Chatham’s “Guitar Trio” ,the album was mostly recorded live and improvised. Tonal textures are provided by samples of distorted noise bursts, bizarre dialogue recordings and textural lead and bass guitars.There is even the appearance of melancholic melodies in between the guitar driven soundscapes. Something for all the family, although you’d have to be a pretty bizarre family.
Use This Heat, 23 Skidoo, and Can as a point of reference.
(click on the highlighted titles for sample tunes)

Track Listing:

1. Idiotbox/Guitar trio (4:03)#
2. There is NO Hangman! (4:27)
3. God Hates Rock (6:01)
4. Je M’en Fou! (7:32)
5. Flatlining (4:00)
6. Scorched Earth (3:48)
7. 15728 (4:54)
8. Tactics (5:00)
9. A Day in the Afterlife (4:37)
10.Last Words (5:58)
11.Cabin Fever (3:40)
12.The Public are Coming (3:54)
(all compositions by Carolan/Zchivago
except (#) by Carolan/Zchivago/Rhys Chatham)

DOWNLOAD the 160k original album HERE!

Tracklist:(expanded version)

1 God Hates Rock 6:01
2 Scorched Earth 3:48
3 Flatlining 4:00
4 Je M'en Fous 7:32
5 Cabin Fever 3:40
6 Tactics 5:00
7 The Public Are Coming 3:53
8 The Day Something Inside Me Died 7:53
9 Displacement 4:00
10 Idiot Box/Guitar trio 4:03
11 Obey (Outside mix) 6:21
12 Last Words 5:58
13 15728 4:54
14 (There is no) Hangman 4:27
15 A Day in the Afterlife 4:37
16 Funeral Musick 5:20

DOWNLOAD the 320k expanded version HERE!


Jeanne-Marie Varain said...

Is it possible to please one of the members of the band.
to get any contact ?

I'm very intersted to get more information about them

Thank you

Jeanne-Marie Varain said...

Or a contact of Zero Record, which I can't find either.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hello, Jeanne-Marie.
What do you wanna know:

pinkpressthreat said...

Many thanks !