Üwan - " ü1 " (Year Zero Records YEAR015) 2012

The debut recording from Noise Improv Free Rock unit Üwan (pronounced ooo-wuh-on).This is definitely an uncompromising beast. Ranging from paint stripping noise to subtle atonal aural exploration.
Recorded live in the Year Zero studio, It features Year Zero Stable mates Phil (Blind Man Walking) on Tenor Sax (drums track 1) and Nick (Thee Mark Chapman Experience,Scouts of Uzbekistan,Meat Kiosk) on Electric Guitar.
Not for the faint hearted!
Think, Ash Ra Temple meets Fushitsusha, via The Acid Mothers with John Zorn, and you're getting close.

Track Listing:

1/ An Introduction to Üwan  (4:41)
2/ Devolved   (20:42)
3/ Uuh  (15:55) (click for mp3 sample)
4/ Evolved (8:07)
5/ Evol Magick (11:36)

DOWNLOAD this nice Üwan HERE!

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