The Bots - "I'm Gay" (Year Zero records YEAR021) 1983/2013
Year Zero Records bring you another archive release from the darkest annals of DIY Punk land. This charming primal scream dirge comes from north-east Englands DIY Legends, The Bots; who terrorized the politically correct back- alleys of Consett during the blackest days of Thatcherism. Forget such mundane rubbish as song structure, lyrics and musicianship! What we have here is a cathartic channelling of ones inner bigot,vomited forth onto a malfunctioning ferric oxide tape. Rather like a sonic version of the head twisting scene in he Exorcist,but, with that oh-so illusive sense of lowest common denominator humour. Outsider Punk of the highest un-quality, recommended listening for all right-on lefties and metrosexuals everywhere. Almost makes Keine Namen , The Barron Balls,or The Prats sound like the Eagles! I'll leave you now with a short sample of the beautiful poetry from these charming  improvised lyrics; obviously channelled from the dead souls of Bryon,Keats and Shelley.........."Suck me off you cunt, I'm Gay!" Bots drummer Eric Doob talks us through the technical aspects of the recording: "On 'I'm gay' the Bots are Eddie Dibbs/vocals, Dirk Smedley/guitar and Eric Doob/drums. This was recorded in Eric Doob's (MY) front room on 23/1/83, the night before my first date ever. I got my end away. On 'Shit Dixon' it's Eddie Dibbs/guitar, vocals and Eric Doob/drums. Guitar was a Bontempi kids guitar with 3 strings."  

1 "I'm Gay"
2 "Shit Dixon"

DOWNLOAD this gay ditty HERE!

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