THE BLIND MAN WHO WALKED PAST THE SUPERMARKET - "Jolly Green Giant Corn (The First Can Off The Shelf)" (YEAR031) (1978/80) 2015

From the catacombs beneath the underground,and maybe even below that, we bring you the long lost sessions of Leicester DIY improv collective, The Blind man Who walked Past the Supermarket.
Digitally remastered from the original high quality Dixons ferric oxide master cassette,here is a rare chance to experience the madness from the bubbling cauldron of thee most creative period in British music.
Imagine The Alien Brains and The Door and the Window,merging with Sun Ra and The Residents, but drunk; then you'd be getting half way towards understanding the off kilter lunacy of this long buried sub-genius.
Just the stuff to encourage that person you hate to shout..."TURN THAT FUCKING SHIT OFF!"

The Blind Man Who Walked Past The Supermarket
Personnel and instrumentation 1978-1980:

Phillip Allison - saxophone shouting, contents of the kitchen and shed, keyboards, prepared bass

Mark Warner - submerged trombone, more competent keyboards, tapes, electronics, contents of the etc, vocals and sneaky stage moves, prepared bass, mutilated keyboards

Gordon Nichols - airborne trombone, percussion, laughter, contents of the etc

Hoover Washing Machine - lead guitar, backing rhythms

Old Valve Radio - Radio Mars

Moot, Tony Pye(Lead Vpcals*), Walid Marzouk - excessive drinking and occasional rude vocals

Track listing:

01 - Blind Man 01
02 - Blind Man 02
03 - Blind Man 03
04 - Blind Man 04
05 - Blind Man 05
06 - Blind Man 06
07 - Blind Man 07
08 - Blind Man 08
09 - Blind Man 09
10 - Blind Man 10
11 - Blind Man 11(Maria!)*
12 - Blind Man 12
13 - Blind Man 13

Ho Ho Hooooo!DOWNLOAD the first can of jolly green giant corn HERE!
in glorious 320k mp3 quality.

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