Epileptic Orgasm - "Immature Overtures EP" (Year Zero Records YEAR022) 1983/2013

The Bots evolved into Epileptic Orgasm, and made this magnum opus Lo-Fi outsider punk cassette classic. Imagine a world where Albert Ayler was in The Prats, and Free Rock didn't mean Ash Ra Temple when Klaus Schulze was their drummer. (Great stuff though that is/was) Musically transcendental primitivisme , as the French intelligentsia would pretentiously label this willfully idiotic cacophony. An unthinking experiment that strips the musical DNA helix to just a couple of amoeboid like strands, and says "Fuck Off" to those multicellular organisms like Emerson lake and Palmer. Devolution in action, regressing to a simpler existence where rules really were for fools. If you threw a sexually repressed teenage and a bunch of musical instruments in a hole, it might sound like this! The nearest musical comparison I can think of is The Happy Flowers, but they obviously knew what they were doing; or Half Japanese, but I think they 'Half' knew what they were doing. Epileptic Orgasm sound like they haven't got a clue what they were doing! This is 100% Free music; free from ambition, intellectual handcuffs, technical musical repression, the need to be liked, or entertain. The sound of Freedom.  

Track Listing:

1 "Immature Overture"
2 "Truly Steve Wilson"
3 "I don't Care"
4 "Peter Watts"

 DOWNLOAD some immature overtures HERE!

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