Prutsers - "Volume 3" - (Year Zero Records YEAR040) 2016

You want more hopelessly obscure Dutch DIY dabblings fromt he eighties do you?
Thankfully Year Zero Records has cobbled together a Third(?)  volume of lunacy from Rotterdam nutters The Prutsers.
Henk, Jan and Robo, bring you the usual,and the very unusual, madness from the squatlands of Rotterdam in the early to mid 1980's.
Robot voices mix with accordions,toy instruments, cheap samplers, and pots and pans, as The Residents get blended with Danny and the Dressmakers in a broken sonic liquidizer, then poured slowly into your ear.
Just think with a moments horror, what would have happened to Prutsers if they were rich, had top of the range equipment; then got put into a recording studio with a top'd end up with something like Westlife probably, instead of Pondlife.
For sheer inventiveness alone this is worth the price of a FREE download!,,,surely.....its funny as well!

Track Listing:

1 In Den Beginnen
2 Love is the Drug
3 Modern Ridderverhaal
4 Mijn Naam Is Hector de Computer
5 Als u Het Niet Aanzien Wil
6 Let's All Chant
7 Wouterje
8 Der Buurman
9 In Mijn Huis Woont een Spook
10 Ein Stuck Von Mir
11 Prutsers but made by ton van Hammond
12 Foggy Days Are Here Again
13 Ontevreden met het Heden
14 Hobabaloeka
15 Kleuter Medley
16 In Perfect Evenwicht
17 Paperclip Polka
18 Pecos Bill
19 Struisvogel ei
20 To The Point
21 Zware Kost

22 Heartbreak Hotel

DOWNLOAD a third volume of drug crazed dutch weirdness from the eighties HERE!

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