Thee Mark Chapman Experience - " Housewives Sold Ice As Chicken " (Year Zero Records year 004) 2010

(As featured on WMFU radio,check out the show here!)

Experimental Post Ambient Quasi-Industrial Noise Rock.......just made that up, but it applies as an adequate genre for the music of Thee Mark Chapman Experience. The name is not an attempt to glorify murder, but a symbolic reference to the end of an old musical order, so calm ye down Beatles Saddo's everywhere (Although we are all Yoko Ono fans here).
The album starts with "Absolute Zero" , where the listener is plunged headfirst into ear splitting seering noise, be not afraid for the whole album is NOT like this."Exit Via Entrance" is a doom laiden peon to life, a dull distant thud as a countdown to an inevitable demise.The situationist sounding "Ne Travaillez Jamais!", is an improvised post jazz collaboration with Phil of Flipart,who contributes drums and clarinet."We Will Fight" samples Reverend Jim Jones's final call to arms speech against a Teutonic funk backing.......I'm not gonna go through every track, but i think you get the general idea,its varied and experimental,and can get extreme listening, especially "Red Shift/Blue Shift", which sounds like a thousand guitar drone galactic rollercoaster, ascending and then descending in a light speed simulator.
 (check out a non-album Mark chapman experience video HERE!)

Track Listing:

1. Absolute Zero (4:33)
2. Exit Via Entrance (7:10)
3. Ne Travaillez Jamais! (3:43) #
4. We Will Fight (3:40)
5. Everything We Know is a Lie! (6:56)
6. Black Oceans Of Loneliness. (11:41)
7. Red Shift/Blue Shift (12:57)
8. Radiation (6:22)
9. Bad Karma (5:45)
10.Unhallowed Ground (6:58)
11.The Culling is Coming (6:33)
12.Porn For The Blind. (7:20)

Download and enjoy, if enjoy is the right word.

Cover art by Australian Artist Peter Maloney.
For Peter Maloney's Website click here!

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