THE BLIND MAN WHO WALKED PAST THE SUPERMARKET - "(More) Jolly Green Giant Corn (2nd Can)" (YEAR032) (1978/80) 2015

WHAT???!!!....a second 'field recording' of falling apart, damaged improvised urban non-jazz from the golden years of 78 to 80.
If AMM had a sense of humour,lived in Leicester,and were skint,they could have achieved something near to the madness of this scraping,randomly rabble rousing racket. TBMWWPTSM utilsed their decaying urban environment to create a kind of fourth world dysfunctional folk that could only have existed in one place at one time;which happened to have a functioning tape recorder en place to record the events.Rather like the BBC wildlife unit waiting six months to capture the mating ritual of the Yeti,finally achieving it,then forgetting about it for thirty years.
Yet another candidate from the annals of N. Senada's Theory of Obscurity?

The Blind Man Who Walked Past The Supermarket
Personnel and instrumentation 1978-1980:

Phillip Allison(Blind Man Walking) - saxophone shouting, contents of the kitchen and shed, keyboards, prepared bass

Mark Warner - submerged trombone, more competent keyboards, tapes, electronics, contents of the etc, vocals and sneaky stage moves, prepared bass, mutilated keyboards

Gordon Nichols - airborne trombone, percussion, laughter, contents of the etc

Hoover Washing Machine - lead guitar, backing rhythms

Old Valve Radio - Radio Mars

Moot, Tony Pye, Walid Marzouk - excessive drinking and occasional rude vocals

Track Listing:

1 - One Blind man
2 - two Blind man
3 - three blind man
4 - Four Blind man
5 - Five Blind man
6 - Six Blind Man
7 - Seven Blind Man
8 - Eight Blind Man
9 - Nine Blind man
10- ten Blind Man

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