BLIND MAN WALKING "36 Howden Road" (Year Zero Records YEAR 028) 2014

Blind Man walking goes Bontempi Kosmische on  'accessible' album shocker.

Give the kids what they want is not one of BMW's (Blind Man walking,not a certain German car manufacturer!) mottoes; so gone are the free glitchy saxophones, and in comes the generic GM synth sounds. A kind of ambient field recorded Muzak, but subliminally correct,as in it makes its intended target not want to buy anything.
There are lashings of Kluster and Cluster,mixed in with splashes of Zorn trapped in an elevator in freefall.
Step into this elevator as it descends from the thousandth floor,back to earth and click the link for the new direction the Blind man is walking in.

"36 Howden Road" by clicking HERE!

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