Wharf99 - " The Shape Of Synths To Come(Mixtape version) " (Year Zero Records YEAR 012) 2012

Who says the cassette is dead? This is the latest release on the superb modern DIY Free music label,...YEAR ZERO RECORDS.By the latest incarnation of the legendary brains behind the infamous Greenfield Leisure from 'East of Croydon' fame.Here we bring you the long awaited debut album from your new favourite handheld electronic buddies, Wharf99. Combining the twin technologies of the cassette mixtape with the very latest iPhone app's, Wharf99 proves that miniturisation is an expansive medium. Retro-futurism is here!
Lush analogue warmth clashes with digital functionality to produce a work that should satisfy even the harshest luddite, all mixed together into a seamless mass, in praise of the cassette. a medium that best presents the artist's work as it was intended; no skipping tracks allowed, just a journey into an electronic wormhole that welds past and future together to make....entertainment??
This stuff reminds one greatly of the fantastic releases on Colin Potter's Integrated Circuit Records in the early 1980's; like Dave Jones and Rick Crane, amongst others.
not forgetting the great lost synth band, The Sea Of Wires.

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Track Listing:
SIDE A (30:56)

01. Theme From “New Persuaders” (Opening Titles)
02. Bundled*
03. SoftWave
04. Isolation Tank*
05. Theme From “New Persuaders” (Commercial Break)*
06. 36 Years (Sound Quality Radio Edit)*
07. Woozy Train
08. ShapeSynth Improv #2
09. SoundPrism #1
10. Shimmer
11. Sinusoid #1*

SIDE B (30:20)

01. Sinusoid #2*
02. Pulse
03. NodeBeat #1*
04. ChillWave
05. Synthia*
06. Glossopdale (Revisited)
07. Thursday Oct 6
08. Theme From “New Persuaders” (Trailer)*
09. Low Noon (Edit) (wharf99 & Dubcycle)*
10. ShapeSynth Improv #1
11. NodeBeat #2
12. Theme From “New Persuaders” (End Credits)

*Track or version unique to this mixtape edition


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