Blind Man Walking - "Croonin at the Grand" (Year Zero records YEAR037) 2016

The next in the series of autobiographical introspective life re-enactments in noise cometh "Crooin' at the Grand"; a tribute to recently departed friends. 
The grim spectre of Mortality visits us all at various stages of life,mostly when one least expects it, like the Spanish Inquisition. This smorgasbord of various existential sandwiches , open and closed, creates a sonic splatter painting of lifes lost moments with scraping grating chaotic noise instead of cheap paint. The success of this is, of course, up to the listener (you),but also, if you can't identify adequately with these taboo emotions, then you are either dead, or haven't experienced the death of a loved one. But I won't hold that against you, in fact its a desirable state of mind; enjoy it while it lasts.

DOWNLOAD some hefty slices of mortality HERE! 

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